Saturday, 26 February 2011

Jackass 3D (2010) - Jeff Tremaine

The law of diminishing returns definitely applies to this third film by the Jackass crew. That's not to say it isn't funny, in places it really is, it's just the simplicity that they used to have has long since given way to bigger gags. Which in turn can lead to the actual funny stuff being overshadowed somewhat by the execution of the joke. But what else can they do? This is a film after all, not a TV episode, so it's expected that they'll step up a gear. It's just that there are set pieces such as the gorilla segment, that leave you just waiting for it to end so that you can start laughing again. Still it's not all bad news, there are still plenty of shots of Steve-O emptying his guts via his mouth and nose, Knoxville gets to work out his obsession with being trampled by bulls even more, not to mention enough poo related nonsense to keep even the most ardent fan laughing.  There's even a Will Oldham cameo just for old relics like myself.

This is also the best looking of the Jackass series, super slow motion shots are peppered throughout the film and look stunning. I didn't watch this in 3D, because if that can be avoided then I try and do just that. The opening and closing set pieces (traditionally the biggest and most intricate in the film), were damp squibs. Although seeing 'the gang' all lined up in front of a giant rainbow did bring a smile to my face. It also made me ponder the idea that it's possible there could be a little subversion going on within the Jackass camp. After all the target audience for these films has to be yr typical lad, and yet here we have a group of half naked (and sometimes butt nekkid) lads (no women allowed remember), all letting it hang out together. Plus there isn't any of the racist or homophobic humour that you'd expect from frat house types. And then there is that rainbow, it's the logo for their production company - Dickhouse. Makes you wonder if someone in the team has a little agenda doesn't it?

Anyway getting back on track, I laughed at this, sometimes loads - the farting guy, the poo volcano and bungee port-a-loo segments being the ones that made the tears roll. Other stuff made me roll my eyes and think that I've seen this all one too many times. Then there was the snake pit gag which was just intensely uncomfortable viewing. I never thought I would feel sorry for Bam Margera, but that's exactly how I felt. The end credits montage felt very much like a farewell, and I hope for their (and their bodies) sakes, it's just that. Time to hang up those Converse Knoxville.

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