Saturday, 5 February 2011

An Eastern Westerner (1920) - Hal Roach

Fairly forgettable Harold Lloyd short. As per usual he plays 'The Boy', this time a rich New York preppy type who is packed off to the Wild West to stay with his uncle. Predictably Lloyd falls for a girl, rescues her and her father from the clutches of the towns local menace, has run ins with the locals, plays poker, falls over a lot and generally gurns for the camera in that way that he does. It's all a bit dull though, New York is obviously whichever L.A. suburb was right outside the studio gates, and the film never really gets going until the last five minutes. It's this end section that is the best bit of the film
as Lloyd outwits a bunch of wannabe Klansmen. Does he get the girl, does it all end happily ever after? Do you care? By the time it ended I didn't. His uncle doesn't even turn up. File under not to be watched again.

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