Sunday, 21 November 2010

Jackass Number Two (2006) - Jeff Tremaine

Ah the Jackass gang, love 'em or hate 'em (and let's face it for most it's one or the other), you can't deny that they deliver on their premise. Which simply put is, idiots doing idiot things for our amusement. Now I'm of the opinion that if a horror doesn't scare you then it's failed to a degree. Equally so with comedies, if you sit there with a face like Buster Keaton through a comedy, then it hasn't done it's job. So when it comes down to the Jackass crew (who with the exception of Spike Jonze, I loathe), I have to hand it to them for making a film that not only flies by faster than a teenage summer, but also has me crying with laughter. All that and it's a sequel! 

Now in this household we watch all sorts of stuff, from silent cinema of the 20's, right the way up to some of the pap they try to sell to us as being essential viewing nowadays, and pretty much everything in between.  So there is a place on our TV screen for things that aren't even cinematic or well directed such as this. That place normally is around midnight on a weekend when we're a little the worse for wear for drink. It's at this moment that Jackass or it's little Welsh (but far superior) brother Dirty Sanchez gets dusted off the shelves and fumbled into the DVD player.

Now it seems daft to review Jackass in film terms, so I'll just say what I said before. It did what it promised to do, it made me laugh, it made me hide behind my hands groaning 'Oh God no, he isn't going to is he?', it made me laugh some more, and then it made me laugh a little more. There are points in the film where they have tried to spend a little cash, but that makes absolutely no difference, since a gag is a gag and it stands and falls by how funny it is, not on the setting or the production values. However the big production number at the end makes up for the lack of a decent ending on the first film, and any movie that opens with Ennio Morricone's L'Estasi dell'Oro is more than fine in my book. There's also a musical nod to Kubrick and a visual one to Buster Keaton, see it's not all poo and vomit, although in the main it is.

The third installment in the series is in 3D (of course it is), so I'll avoid seeing it at the cinema since I have no interest in adding to the swelling brainwashed ranks, that think that everything now has to be seen in 3D. I mean 3D TV, come on! Anyway I'm drifting, what I meant to say was I can't wait to see the new Jackass film in 2D, so long as I'm full of beer/white wine I'm sure it'll be every bit as good as the previous two. Now how many times can you say that about a film series?

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